Protection films for headlights and taillights

7 years durability, 5 years of insurance

STEK headlights and taillights protection films efficiently protect your car’s lamps while providing a completely unique look.

STEK tail- and headlights films are tinted polyurethane paint protection films that change the color of the car’s lamp while also providing maximum security against yellowing caused by insects, bird drops, and other contamination. With their excellent shock resistant properties, they protect the headlights from cracks and scratches. They have a perfect gloss and a completely smooth surface, just like paint. Thanks to their outstanding hydrophobic properties, cleaning them is significantly easier than cleaning films with previous technologies. When exposed to heat, micro-scratches disappear from the film’s surface, so it will always look flawless.

Before installing a STEK headlights and taillights protection film, always check national regulations in your country because coloring a car’s lamps may not be allowed. STEK Hungary does not accept claims about a film that was not installed according to the national regulations.

STEK Headlights and Taillights Protection Film Specification

  • Light grey (DYNOshade) / Dark grey (DYNOsmoke) / Yellow (DYNOfancy)
  • Hydrophobic (outstanding water-repellent properties)
  • Quick regeneration
  • Stain-resistant
  • Contamination-free (contaminations can be easily removed)

7 years durability, 5 years of insurance

The expected durability of STEK headlights and taillights protection films is 7 years. During this time, no yellowing, bubbling, or cracking of the material is expected. STEK installation centers provide 5 years of complete exchange warranty if the film is used as intended. Detailed warranty conditions can be found in the dedicated warranty information document.

Roll sizes

  • 0,61 × 15 m (24" x 50ft)