impeccable protection now possible!

DYNOflex offers perfect resistance against stone chips, scratches and other road damages, therefore it is the best choice if it comes to windshield protection. DYNOflex has an extraordinarily flexible polyurethane layer, making it capable of absorbing even strong impacts to the windshield.

Thanks to its hydrophobic feature, DYNOflex resists unfavourable weather conditions and it prevents damages originating from climatic impacts. DYNOflex provides continuous protection, making it unnecessary to replace the windshield or to recalibrate the ADAS system.

DYNOflex offers 99% UV filtering, providing the car interior from fading, and also your skin from harmful radiation. The film has minimal light refraction, this way visibility through the windshield remains perfect, your driving exprience safe and comfortable.

DYNOflex specification

  • Continuous protection
  • Perfect visibility
  • Durable construction
  • Hydrophobic
  • Easy installation

1 year warranty

The expected lifetime of STEK DYNOflex windshield protection film is 1 year, during this period of time no yellowing, bubbling or cracking is to be expected. The STEK installation centers provide a 1 year warranty in case the film was maintained according to the directives stated in the terms of warranty. For warranty terms, please check the detailed STEK Warranty Satement.  


  • 48” x 50 ft