years lifetime

Hydrophobic, self-healing paint protection film with a Glitter Finish

STEK DYNOprism – all features of DYNOshield with some sparkle

Offering professional protection and a unique appearance at the same time, STEK DYNOprism grants a sparkling look to your paintwork. STEK DYNOprism was developed for those customers who are looking for maximum protection and the very best cleaning features, but would also like to make their car more colorful. The darker the original color the stronger the effect will be, on white cars one can hardly notice, while a black car will have a totally different 2 tone, sparkling colorchange appearance. STEK DYNOprism has the very same characteristics as DYNOshield, professional surface gloss, ease of cleaning and strong protection.

DYNOprism specifications

  • Glitter Finish
  • Fast Recovery Stain Resistant
  • Anti-Contamination (Easy to remove contaminants)
  • Hydrophobic (Advanced  water repelling properties)

7 years lifetime, 5 years warranty

The expected lifetime of STEK DYNOprism paint protection film is 7 years, during this period of time no yellowing, bubbling or cracking is to be expected. The STEK installation centers provide a 5 years warranty in case the film was maintained according to the directives stated in the terms of warranty. For warranty terms, please check the detailed STEK Warranty Satement.


  • 60" x 50ft