DYNOblack carbon

7 years durability, 5 years of insurance

The first gloss carbon film in the world, which looks just like original lacquered carbon elements.

DYNOblack carbon is a brand-new, innovative paint protection film series, which combines the qualities of DYNOcarbon and DYNOblack. This black, carbon-patterned material resists punching, and is self-healing and water-repellent.

Moreover, it has outstanding stretching and adhesion qualities, and contains a colored layer, which guarantees color stability.

If you want your car to have a hyper-modern appearance, choose the DYNOblack paint protection film, which is available with a matte, satin, or gloss surface.


DYNOblack Carbon specification

  • Gloss / silky / matte
  • Black carbon pattern
  • Hydrophobic (outstanding water-repellent properties)
  • Fast regeneration
  • Contamination-free (contamination can be easily removed)
  • Outstanding stretching

7 years durability, 5 years of insurance

STEK DYNOblack carbon’s expected durability is 7 years. During this time no yellowing, bubbling, or cracking of the material is expected. STEK installation centers provide 5 years of complete exchange warranty if the film is used as intended. Detailed warranty conditions can be found in the dedicated warranty information document.

Roll Sizes

  • 1,52 × 10 m (60" x 33ft)