7 years lifetime

Hydrophobic, self-healing paint protection film with a Glitter Finish

Developed to reach the perfect glass-like effect the STEK DYNOblack brings the wrapping of roofs to a completely new level. Having a surface smoother then the factory paintworks it brings a glass-like effect to all surfaces. 

Thanks to the speacial clear coat STEK DYNOblack has a better resistance to contamination. The surface coating acts as a barrier when it comes to severe contamination like insects, oils, exhaust dust, etc. Due to the shock absorbtion characteristics of the film STEK DYNOblack offers protection against stone chips, scratches and other smaller mechanical impacts. STEK DYNOblack is also self healing, micro scratches dissappear from the surface, resulting in an always glass-like appearance. 

DYNOprism specifications

  • Glitter Finish
  • Fast Recovery Stain Resistant
  • Anti-Contamination (Easy to remove contaminants)
  • Hydrophobic (Advanced  water repelling properties)

7 years lifetime, 5 years warrant

The expected lifetime of STEK DYNOblack paint protection film is 7 years, during this period of time no yellowing, bubbling or cracking is to be expected. The STEK installation centers provide a 5 years warranty in case the film was maintained according to the directives stated in the terms of warranty. For warranty terms, please check the detailed STEK Warranty Satement.


  • 60" x 50ft