Colored Films

7 years durability, 5 years of insurance

STEK’s colored films revolutionize the premium paint protection film market; gloss look, a surface that is always scratch-free, and professional protection.

The eye-catching gloss tinted films have all the outstanding properties of STEK paint protection films. They have excellent hydrophobic qualities as well as resistance to stains, chemicals, and other types of contamination. They are self-healing and resistant to punching. They are available in red, pearl white, and nardo grey.
Enjoy the outstanding protection and unique look.

STEK Colored Films specification

  • gloss surface, as if the car had a glass layer
  • Hydrophobic (outstanding water-repellent properties)
  • Quick regeneration
  • Contamination-free (contaminations can be easily removed)
  • Stain-resistant

7 years durability, 5 years of insurance

The expected durability of STEK colored is 7 years. During this time, no yellowing, bubbling, or cracking of the material is expected. STEK installation centers provide 5 years of complete exchange warranty if the film is used as intended. Detailed warranty conditions can be found in the dedicated warranty information document.

Roll Sizes

  • 1,52 × 15 m (60" x 50ft)